Interventional Pain Management

Interventional Pain Management

Pagosa Springs Medical Center’s CRNA (Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists) Interventional Pain Management team cares for patients living with chronic pain. The team employs techniques including injections and radio frequency treatments to directly address the source of the patient’s pain.

Services and Treatments

Detection and treatment of conditions:
   – Cervical, thoracic, and lumbar source of pain
   – Chronic headaches
   – Chronic knee pain
   – Facet disease
   – Herniated disc
   – Hip joint disorders
   – Myofascial pain
   – Pain from back surgery
   – Spinal stenosis
Epidural steroid injection
Facet joint injections
Genicular nerve block and ablation
Greater occipital nerve block
Medical branch block
Radiofrequency ablation
Trigger point injections

This list of services is not exhaustive. A physician may provide additional services as necessitated for patient care and within the scope of care provided by the physician and PSMC.

Learn more about PSMC's pain management team here.

Meet Our Doctors

Brian Smith, CRNA

Interventional Pain Management

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Yody Aucoin, CRNA, surgery

Yody Aucoin, CRNA

Interventional Pain Management

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