Medication Take-Back Program

  • November 11, 2022

The Pagosa Springs Medical Center participates in the Colorado Household Medication Take-Back Program for disposal of unwanted medications. PSMC’s medication collection box is located inside PSMC’s main entrance; look for the large green box near the main lobby. The hours of operation for PSMC’s medication collection box are Monday through Thursday, 8am-4pm and Friday from 8am-Noon. PSMC’s collection box does not accept medication outside of the posted hours of operation. PSMC employees are prohibited from personally receiving/holding medications for disposal as medications may only be disposed of directly to the collection box.

This is a State program and continuance depends on its proper use. The following rules apply to the Colorado Medication Take-Back Program:
DISPOSAL: Medications may be deposited in their original containers (remove or strike out personal information). Alternatively, pills/capsules may be placed into a zip-lock bag for disposal into the collection box (and then separately trash/recycle the original container).

      Prescription medications, including prescribed controlled substances (DEA Schedule II-V);
      over-the-counter medications;
      liquid medications (small amounts in original, non-leaking containers);
      medication samples;
      medicated ointments;
      pet medications;
      unused drug injection cartridges – for example, unused EpiPens and insulin pens (they must be unused with needle still protected inside);
      unused inhaler canisters – for example, Advair, ProAir and Ventolin (they must be unused, no empty canisters or unneeded plastic holders/mouthpieces);
      unused medicated patches (as noted below in items that cannot be accepted, any used Fentanyl and Duragesic patches cannot be accepted as they are extremely hazardous; instead, the Colorado Medication Take-Back Program advises that such used patches should be folded in half, sticky-side together, and flushed down the toilet).
      Illegal drugs (e.g. DEA Schedule I drugs such as heroin, LSD, Ecstasy, Quaaludes, Bath Salts with MDPV, etc.);
      Needles, syringes, or other sharps;
      Chemotherapy drugs;
      Medical tools and supplies;
      Bloody or infectious waste;
      Personal care products;
      Empty containers;
      Medication wastes generated by healthcare facilities, including nursing homes;
      Used drug injection cartridges;
      Used drug inhaler canisters;
      Used Fentanyl and Duragesic patches as they are extremely hazardous (instead, the Colorado Medication Take-Back Program advises that such used patches should be folded in half, sticky side together and flushed down the toilet). 

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Tonight at 7:30pm, PSMC will be making updates to its phone system, which could take up to two hours. During this time, you will not be able to contact PSMC. If you are having a medical emergency, dial 9-1-1. Also, the PSMC emergency department is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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