Scott Cordray, DO

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Scott Cordray, DO

Ear, Nose, and Throat

Specialty Focus: Ear, Nose and Throat


Evaluation and treatment of conditions:
   – Allergies
   – Congestion
   – Deviated septum
   – Dizziness
   – Ear drum perforation
   – Ear infections (recurrent)
   – Ear, nose and throat diseases
   – Head and neck cancers
   – Hearing loss
   – Hoarseness
   – Nasal polyps
   – Nasal disorders
   – Sinus infections (recurrent)
   – Sinus pain and pressure (chronic)
   – Tonsil disease
   – Snoring and sleep apnea
   – Vertigo
   – Vocal cord disorders
   – Other complex conditions

Otorhinolaryngological surgical procedures:
   – Adenoidectomy (adenoid removal)
   – Balloon sinuplasty
   – Ear drum perforation repair
   – Ear tube placement
   – Opening of sinus and nasal cavities
   – Nasal polyp removal
   – Parathyroidectomy
   – Salivary gland surgery
   – Septoplasty
   – Sleep apnea surgery
   – Thyroidectomy partial/full
   – Turbinate reduction
   – Tumor removal from head and neck
   – Tonsillectomy (tonsil removal), including coblation
   – Vocal cord surgery

This list of services is not exhaustive. A physician may provide additional services as necessitated for patient care and within the scope of care provided by the physician and PSMC.


Medical Education

Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, Oklahoma State University-College of Osteopathic Medicine


General Surgery, Oklahoma State University, Tulsa Regional Medical Center


Otorhinolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery, Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Oklahoma State University Tulsa Regional Medical Center

Board Certifications

Facial Plastic Surgery

Practicing Since


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